When it comes to self storage, it’s important to know your belongings are in the very safest of hands. To help, we’ve devised nine key questions to ask when choosing a self storage provider:

Is the facility clean, dry and secure?

No matter what you’re storing, you need to know your belongings are safe and secure from the
outside world, and that they will leave the facility in exactly the same condition as they arrived. Quality storage providers should go to great lengths to ensure your items are safe, not only from outsiders, but from the elements too.

Is the storage facility state-of-the-art or purpose-built? Look at how well the reception area and the customer toilets are maintained – this may give a good indication as to how well the company maintains site cleanliness.

How safe will your belongings be?

Security is paramount, so it’s important to make sure your storage provider has all the right processes in place to protect your possessions. Do they have intruder alarms and fire alarms set up? How about CCTV? Are individual rooms alarmed, and if so, are these systems monitored around the clock?

Does the site offer the use of a van?

Fitting everything into the back of your car can often be a challenge, so ask your storage provider how they can help transfer your goods. Do they have a customer van to rent or use for free, for example? Is there someone on hand to help transport your belongings, and get them in and out of the facility?

Does the facility offer competitive insurance cover for your belongings?

Quality self storage providers will make every effort to safeguard your belongings in storage, but for complete peace of mind, you’ll have to take out insurance. Does the firm in question offer its own competitively-priced insurance, or is this something extra you’ll have to arrange yourself?

Is the site easy to get to, and are the rooms easy to access?

You don’t want to go on a wild goose chase every time you need to access your belongings, so think about the site location. Is it somewhere easy to find and easy to access? If the forecast isn’t great, does the facility have an all-weather loading bay? Is there disabled access if you need it?
Are there plenty of trolleys on-site for you to use?

Are the staff friendly, helpful and approachable?

Good customer service costs nothing and makes all the difference. Are staff at the facility knowledgeable and happy to help? Do they have your best interests at heart?

Is the price competitive, and what is included?

The lowest cost doesn’t always equate to the best service. Find out if your quote includes VAT, or if you’ll have to pay a deposit? What period does the price cover – one week, four weeks, a month, a year? And what discounts or offers are available to help you save money?

Can you access your belongings outside of office hours?

If you’re limited to outside office hours, it’s important to ensure you can access your things as and when you need to. Is the facility open in evenings or at weekends, for example? If they’re open 24/7, how do they maintain ongoing site security?

Can you rely on the site operator?

Think about the provider itself. How long has the company been in operation? Is it trustworthy and do others recommend it? Remember, you’re perfectly within your rights to ask for customer testimonials if you require additional peace of mind.